Dave – They were AWESOME!  Musically, like last time, top shelf.  What I LOVED was that Amy got down on the floor with my group and was engaging them and drug some of them up on stage as well.  Incredibly gracious of her to give of herself like that to the event on a personal level.  Way above and beyond.  In addition to her ridiculously awesome singing as everyone was in awe of her voice and stage presence, I actually had to look up from eating to make sure the drummer wasn’t lip synching.  He did a cover of something during that first hour that was spot on and I couldn’t believe he was singing and playing at the same time, being such a cardio instrument and all.

Killer, killer group you sent us.  My continued gratitude and thanks for your time and talents.  Top, top shelf.  I’ll send you any pics/footage that might be of use to you.


 Gloria Martin